St. Louis' Premier Amateur BBQ Competition

2010 Backyard BBQ Bash

While recovering today, not from too much booze, but way too much standing, walking, and moving extremely heavy picnic tables on concrete, I decided to put a few pics up from the event.  My uncle took some pics with my camera before the pro photogs showed up.  So these are just a small handful of pics from early on in the event when teams were setting up.  I’ll have many, many, many more pictures up later…

Also, I want to thank everyone for an amazing event.  I never imagined that it would turn out as well as it did.  And I didn’t really realize how well it was going until my wife called me.  She was coming up with my in laws and my children. She called to ask where she should park.

I asked, “Are you in the general parking lot or the check in lot?”

“I’m in the check in lot,” she said.

“Well come around to the general parking lot.”

“I already checked that lot.  It was full too,” she said.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked.  “Both lots are full?”

At that time I looked to my left and right and saw that both lots looked packed.  Wow…

It was so much fun getting to shake hands and talk BBQ with some many fine folks.  I wish I had more time to do more of that and more time to sample yesterday.  Then maybe I wouldn’t be grilling ribs the day after because I was teased with so many great sights and smells, but not as many tastes as I would’ve liked.  I thank everyone who gave me a sample.  I wish I had time to have more and spend more time shooting the smoke about grilling theory.

Here are a few pics, from very early on. I have added an album to our Grillin Fools Facebook Page as well. I’ll do a full write up on my thoughts about the event this weekend and put some pictures in there, but I will add the rest in the Facebook Album.  I encourage those of you on Facebook to tag yourselves in the photos.

See those guys in the background there:

Here they are again.  Looks like an inauspicious start, but these guys dominated the event:

More pictures soon.  Although, I would like to share a little video of my Dad.  Hop Along here, took a header coming down from the attic last week.  He told me he was fine the next way when he called me from the Lake.  Yeah, he looks fantastic, doesn’t he:

And here are a few more pictures taken from a real photographer, not a hack like me:

Trophies and prizes:

Swine U:

Wire Nut Smokers:

Swine U showing off the big guns:

Prairie Du Rocher Hawks BBQ:

Check out this righteous tat:

IT belongs to Mike from the Battlestar Grillactica team.  Awesome tat, and my favorite team name of the event:

More from the Wire Nut crew:

The systems architect that screwed up a simple excel spreadsheet:

The esteemed law firm of McLean, Stanton and Fauth:

Porky’s Pig before they got the awning up:

The grills we used to feed the volunteers as well as to do demos on:

Work of Art BBQ talking with the third Grillin Fool – Tom:

Pit Crew BBQ:

The Man, the Grill, the Magic – and recipient of the Appetizer award for his Rattlesnake Tails:

Smoke N Pigs:

And the guys taking home all the hardware – Prairie du Rocher Hawks BBQ:

And as always, you can follow us on the Grillin Fools Facebook page where you can post your own grillin pictures or join the general grillin conversations.  You can also follow us on Twitter.